Joseph Luck is a freelance sound designer and website designer / developer residing in London. He is currently studying BA (hons) Sound Design at Ravensbourne. With clients spanning a range of creative, digital, social and business enterprises including Sennheiser, Barclays, ITV, UsTwo, Made by Many and The RSA, Joseph's depth of sound and web knowledge will give your project the edge.

Aside from his sound and web work, Joseph likes to record music, travel and cook.

Please feel free to contact: for any enquiries.


Joseph Luck

Sound Designer / Developer

Fourth Monkey

The Peculiar Tale of Pablo Picasso and the Mona Lisa

Merchant of Venice: Staging

A modern rendition of a popular classic

Jump: Christmas Card

A jolly christmas short-film with a… twist!

Disappearing in a Moment

A film depicting a fashion collection inspired by the horrific atrocities of 9/11.


An interactive soundscape that immerses the player in a world of sound

Eau Vive

A trailer to a short animated film

Merchant of Venice

A trip to the Brockley Jack for some behind the scenes pre-production


A trailer to an undisclosed game…

Remanufacturing at Cat Reman

Ben Reed discusses the CAT REMAN success story

Crushing Mobile Phones

Crushing blows for mobile phones at Sheffield Hallum University


Beautifully animated parallax photography with soundscapes to suit

The Designer Series: FORM

A look at designing for the music industry with this prolific agency

Sennheiser 9000 Series

The ground breaking Sennheiser 9000 series is…launched


A minimalist mobile puzzle game perfect for hectic days

Hawkins\ Brown

Hawkins\Brown architects celebrating 25 years in practice

Cornish Tin Mines

A trip to a Cornish tin mine helps us to realise the financial impact of our throw away culture.

Alchemy in Kent

What happens to all of our old CRT televisions? Alchemy happens in Kent…

Anti Smoking: Sound Re-design

An anti smoking campaign with a difference

The Story of Picle

A trip to Broadstairs Beach to relive the Story of Picle

Might of Ancient Remnants

Might of Ancient Remnants is a next-gen fast paced online game for the mobile platforms.

The Great Recovery Launch

This Royal Society of Arts initiated project warns us of the dangers of the throw away culture that is ruining our environment and resources.

Lazarus Theatre Trailer 2012

The Lazarus Theatre’s autumn schedule kicks off with this intense trailer..

Made by Many: ITN News Outlet

Made by Many’s award submission for their work on the innovative ITN online news outlet..


A power that no philosophy can explain but all may feel..

Yr Store ™

Luma Acoustics re-brand their product range.

PEACE – One Day App

PEACE App, for those who strive for a better life

Lazarus Theatre 2013

The Lazarus Theatre kick starts their Spring 2013 performances with this intense trailer.


Icograda invited members to participate in World Communication Design Day 2013..

Bioshock Infinite Trailer

Bioshock Infinite trailer sound re-design..

Hoodies in Africa

Ross Barry at LMB Textiles gives us an insight into textiles re-manufacture..

Fashionable Recycling

The deconstruction of toy dogs and an army coat reveals a scary realisation..

Elemental Jewellery

The fundamental building blocks of the Universe portrayed through Jewellery

The Great Recovery

The Royal Society of the Arts’ Great Recovery Project